Aviator 1Win game - how to start playing Aviator at online casino

You've probably heard or seen the commercials for the little airplane game officially known as Aviator. Created by renowned developer Spribe, the crash game appeared in 2019 and ended up becoming a fever among Brazilians.

In this multiplayer slot, players choose a bet amount and the airplane takes off, starting with a x1.0 multiplier, and as it increases, the win multiplier increases as well. This dynamic and innovative game aims to allow players to win money in quick rounds with high chances of winning.

Find out how to start playing Aviator on our website. We'll also tell you all about this crash slot, the best strategies and how to register at 1win casino to claim your winnings.

Aviator game at 1win casino

1win online casino offers a variety of slot machines, table games, slots, live casino and sports betting. And the crash game Aviator is certainly one of the most popular games at 1win. 1win casino itself is licensedj and regulated by the gambling authorities of Curacao, which guarantees a safe and secure environment for players around the world. In the honesty of online casino 1win have no doubts.

It is very easy to start playing! All you need to do is create an account at 1win, make a deposit and receive a welcome bonus. Once you complete your registration, you can easily access the Aviator game through the casino's main menu. In addition, 1win casino offers a demo mode for some games such as Aviator where you can familiarize yourself with the mechanics before betting your own money. This is a great way to make sure you feel comfortable before you start playing for real!

The Aviator crash game can offer some nice rewards. However, it is important to remember that gambling is a form of entertainment and it is important to play responsibly. Play 1win Aviator responsibly and remember that you can always win as well as lose. And let luck be on your side.

Some of the benefits of playing at 1win Casino are as follows:

  • 500% welcome bonus;
  • Gaming license from the Curacao authorities, guaranteeing safety and security;
  • A wide selection of games including slots and sports betting;
  • 24/7 customer support ready to help at any time;
  • Honest and transparent gaming, ensuring reliability and entertainment.

Key features and functions of the Aviator slot

Aviator is a fast rounds slot similar to the Crash game, where the multiplier increases as the airplane rises. It also has some interesting extra features, including a player chat where Aviator fans from all over the world discuss the game, and much more.

Here are the following functionalities:

  1. Automatic Bets

    This option saves the player from having to place a bet in each round. You can activate it and specify the amount of the automatic bet. The bet in Aviator will be placed automatically before the start of each round.

  2. Auto-Cashout

    When this feature is activated, the player does not need to press the withdrawal button to get the winnings. The round will automatically end when the multiplier selected by the player is reached. This is a very useful feature if you know exactly at what multiplier you will be withdrawing your bet in Aviator. Many players build their Aviator strategies around this feature.

  3. Double Bet

    This feature allows you to place two bets at the same time in Aviator. Activating the double bet allows you to apply special strategies to beat the casino. For example, one bet is withdrawn via a cashout when a certain odds are reached in case a conservative play is required, and the decision to withdraw the second bet is made by the player focusing on a higher risk game.

  4. Live chat

    Players can chat, share emotions and get quick answers to their questions about Aviator Crash Slot. However, it is important to remember the rules of decorum, even if emotions overwhelm you.

  5. Live Betting

    In this section, you can observe the bets made by players in the current round. A very useful feature that allows you to understand the trends of the game.

  6. Real Time Statistics

    Here you can see a table of the most successful players and the size of their winnings. This is more of a recent statistic.

  7. Customize the game sound and graphics

    You can mute the sound if you want to play in silence. There's also the option to turn off the game's music if you prefer a quieter experience. And if you want to simplify the animations, you can choose to display only the multiplier values instead of the red airplane.

Pros and cons of the Aviator 1win game

After experiencing Aviator Crash Game both in the demo version and for real money, we were able to notice a few important points. In the demo rounds, we noticed that wins occur more often and multipliers reach higher values. However, this doesn't mean that in the real money version of Aviator you will get low multipliers. You can play and win in Aviator for real money right now.

Here are the other pros and cons we found in the Aviator game:

Positives Negative sides
Fast rounds, from a few seconds Most winnings are small
You can check the fairness of the game with Provably Fair No progressive jackpot
Live chat between players No special symbols or bonus game

Although we have our own experience, we recommend you play on your own to draw your own conclusions after trying Aviator.

Interface and symbols 1win Aviator

When you enter the Aviator game, you will see a simple design with a black background and simple colors, as well as other elements on the game screen such as:

  1. A red airplane rising on an ascending graph with a red line.
  2. At the bottom of the screen are all the betting commands:
    • Two green buttons that users can place two bets at the same time.
    • When you place a bet and start a round, these buttons change color to yellowish and turn into cash out buttons.
    • The "Auto Bet" and "Auto Withdraw" buttons, where you select the bet amount for each round and the maximum multiplier value for each cash out.
  3. At the top of the screen you will see the multipliers of previous rounds, a menu section where you can check the fairness of the round, and the rules of the game.
  4. On the left side you will see the history of all bets, your bets and recent winners.
  5. On the right is a live chat with all players.

Aviator currently has no special symbols such as Wild or Scatter. You will see a simple game where the best symbol is a high multiplier such as x30. Everything is simple and straightforward. There are no complicated rules.

What is the chance of winning the Aviator 1win game

When you play, you will have even more chances to win at Aviator 1win compared to other slots. The crash game has low to medium volatility, however, the chances of winning are high at low multipliers and not so high at high multipliers. Having said that, we believe that the odds of winning also depend on the size of the bet. If you bet a large amount, even if you get a multiplier of x1.8, you will get a significant win.

What's more, Aviator has a 97% return ratio (RTP), which further increases the chances of getting rounds with high multipliers.

Fairness and randomness of the game Aviator

At Aviator, the multipliers for each spin are generated by a Provably Fair random algorithm, which means you can rest assured that the game is 100% transparent and fair.

To further ensure fairness, users have the option to check the fairness of each round. Simply click on the safe bet icon, which can be found next to the results in the "My Bets" section. This way, you can be fully confident that the game is being played fairly and reliably.

How to play the Aviator game correctly

The airplane in Aviator takes off with a multiplier of 1x, which increases as the main element of the game rises. Winnings will be calculated based on the multiplier achieved until the plane flies away and disappears. All rounds are generated by random numbers.

How to play Aviator:

  1. Log in to the game
  2. Customize your bet
  3. Select the amount of the bet that will be automatically placed
  4. If the airplane has already taken off, wait for the next round to start
  5. Before the round starts, click the Bet button
  6. Watch the airplane and select the moment to withdraw by clicking the Cash out button.

You must withdraw your winnings before the airplane flies away, otherwise your bet will be lost. Remember that you can choose between Autoplay and AutoCash when setting up your bet.

LuckyJet, JetX or Crash on 1win are games similar to Aviator

It's a great idea to try other games similar to Aviator to diversify your leisure time. At 1win Casino you can also have a great time with crash games such as LuckyJet, JetX and Crash X. Each of these games offers a unique experience with great multipliers. Let us tell you more about them in detail.


In the Lucky Jet crash slot, you'll go on an adventure with a cool character wearing sunglasses and carrying a flying backpack, enjoying lounge music while Lucky Joe climbs up and increases the multiplier.

This game offers a modern approach that provides excellent returns. As in Aviator, you'll find familiar buttons such as auto bet, auto withdraw, double bet, player-to-player chat and betting history, and you'll also be able to check the multipliers of previous rounds.


JetX is a similar game to Aviator, offering simple controls but with a colorful interface.

JetX starts with an image of a runway and a small airplane on it. After the player places their bet and waits for the round to start, the JetX takes off, increasing in altitude and multiplier. The main goal is to predict at what altitude (multiplier) it will explode, in order to be able to withdraw your winnings before that moment. At the beginning of the game, it is recommended to choose a bet amount for one or two games. In addition, in Jet X you can make multiple bets at the same time.

Crash X

The Crash X game from 1win is a simple slot, very similar to Aviator. In it, you will find a rocket that takes off and increases the multiplier, as well as astronauts who jump off the rocket before it explodes and reaches the maximum multiplier.

In this game, you will have the option of simultaneous and automatic bets, as well as selecting automatic withdrawals. Feel the excitement of predicting the moment of the explosion and make a withdrawal before the rocket explodes.

Download the Aviator app to your phone

Enjoy the convenience of playing Aviator on your cell phone, tablet or computer. Simply access 1win online casino through your browser on your smartphone or tablet, log in and find the game.

Aviator 1win is designed to adapt to any screen size, ensuring comfort and ease of use for all users.

And if you still want to use the 1win mobile app to play Aviator on Android and iOS devices and even on your computer, go to our Download App section and follow the instructions.

No matter what device you use or where you are, win with the Aviator game.

Conclusion on Aviator 1win

In conclusion, the Aviator game is a good option for fun and money winning opportunities offered by 1win casino.

Transparency and fairness is guaranteed by the Provably Fair algorithm, ensuring that every spin is completely transparent and unbiased.

Aviator is available on mobile devices such as phones and tablets as well as computers, allowing players to enjoy the process on the go.

If you're looking for a simple game with quick wins and even double bets, Aviator is a great choice. Enjoy the excitement and good luck to you! Don't forget to bet responsibly on Aviator.

FAQ - The most frequently asked questions about the game Aviator

How do I play Aviator at 1win Casino?

To access the Aviator slot, you need to create an account at 1win casino, make a deposit and enter the game through the main menu. Before you start playing for real money, it is also recommended that you try the demo mode, which will give you the opportunity to get to know the game better and increase your chances of winning.

What are the advantages of playing Aviator at 1win?

Some of the benefits of playing Aviator at the online casino include a welcome bonus, a mobile-friendly version, 24/7 customer support and a fair gaming experience. This is enough to make any player feel confident and ready to win.

What are the main features of the Aviator game?

This is a crash slot with fast rounds where the multiplier increases as the airplane rises. Crash slot Aviator also has features such as auto bets, auto withdrawals and double betting. Players can communicate via live chat, see real-time bets and real-time statistics. In other words, playing Aviator is a pleasure.

Can I play Aviator for free?

Yes, you can play Aviator for free in demo mode before playing for real money. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the mechanics of the game without risking your capital.

Is the Aviator game fair and transparent?

Yes, the Aviator game uses a random algorithm called Provably Fair, ensuring that rounds are fair and random. Players can also check the fairness of each round by clicking on the safe bet icon.

What are the rules of the Aviator game?

The rules are simple: an airplane takes off with a multiplier of 1x, which increases as it climbs. Winnings are calculated based on the multiplier achieved up to the moment the plane flies away. All rounds are generated by random numbers. The player's task is to press the Withdraw bet button before the plane flies away.

How to play Aviator?

To play Aviator, you need to log in to the game, set up your bet and choose your desired amount. Wait for the next round if the airplane has already taken off. Before the round starts, click the Bet button and watch the airplane. Choose when to withdraw your funds by clicking the Cash out button.

What happens if I don't withdraw my Aviator bet in time?

If you fail to withdraw your winnings before the plane at Aviator leaves, your bet will be forfeited.

What is the secret and algorithm to winning at Aviator?

The secret of the game is to predict the moment when the airplane will disappear and manage to withdraw your winnings before that moment.

How long do the rounds in Aviator last?

On average, sessions last between 1 and 30 seconds. It is important to note that as the airplane rises, the winnings increase, which can extend the length of the session.

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